Lieve Galle

Wise Woman Herbalist ~ Nature Guide ~ Urban Nomad


Deeply fascinated by nature, she started in 2000 her Herbalist’s study on the European Academy of Complementary Health Care in Ghent, Belgium. A new world opened up, broadened and deepened her views. She received the Camilla Prize at her graduation, but graduating was only the beginning…


Studying Nature Guide at the Centre for Nature and Environmental Education in Antwerp gave her insight in ecosystems and ecological management, as all is connected. She observed the animal and plant life for one whole year in a nature reservation, to open her senses to subtle seasonal changes.


Enthusiast, inspired, and amazed by Nature’s smallest details, she kept searching for old wisdom and new knowledge, talking to people, trees and plants and listening to their stories. She deepened her experiences during her “Sprit & Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition” course with Susun Weed.


Since a few years she joined artist collective Irmafirma to give shape to the projects “Urban Survival Kit: Edible Brussels/ Amsterdam”, where the wild fauna and flora of big cities is viewed in a refreshing different way.


She gives lectures, courses and workshops for everyone – graduated herbalists or absolute beginners- in which she stimulates people to get to know, and work with, the plants, trees and herbs surrounding them.


This blog is a way to share her adventures, recipes and herbal knowledge with you. Enjoy!

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