Aelmoesenije wood walk

-“How about that herb lady? Is she coming over here or are we going to see her?”

– * snicker*

– “Eh… what? Oh, I’m sorry, I had this old herb crone in mind. You know, crooked and…”

I often have to disappoint people about the warts they expected on my nose, but I do take them on walks.

And this was a fabulous one…

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Edible flowers

Nasturtium, violas, pumpkin flowers, begonia, sunflower, roses, pelargonium, salvia’s… not only a pleasure to the eye, but also quite surprising for the taste papils.

“If you eat flowers, you’ll become as beautiful as a flower”, the people in Thailand say.

As if we still needed an excuse…

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Conversation in the woods

Says the nature guide: “Look, the impatiens. See these flowers? They’re hats for the elves.”

Says the little girl that already knows so much: “Pfff, elves don’t exist!”

Says the nature guide at least an hour later “Look, these are birch trees. They are easily recognizable with their white barks.”

Says the same little girl that already knows so much: “Pfff, these aren’t white barks, these are regular barks that have been painted white”.

Says the nature guide: “Do you really think so? And who on earth would do that, painting all these birch trees?”

Says the same little girl that knows increasingly much: “Well duh, the lepricorns of course!”

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Summer guest in the Liedermeerspark

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How the tomato came to the city

One of the funniest discoveries during our research for How to survive in a cit: Edible Brussels/Amsterdam turned out to be the tomato.

For those who don’t know this project of Irmafirma: How to survive in a city is the answer to the question how you can survive as a hunter-gatherer in the city.

We were amazed by many surprises, and one of them was the tomato, which we discovered abundantly near railways.

The fairy tale goes like this:

On a beautiful day, tou eat a tomato sandwich, or a tomato-mozzarella salad, or a delicious fresh gazpacho.

Some time later you take the train, preferably a stop train or one of the old type that doesn’t have chemical toilets yet.

While you’re on the train, you feel your bowels are starting to move.

You pay a visit to the restroom and flush.

What happens next? You continue to travel to wherever your destination is, but the undigested tomato seeds fall on the earth between the rail ways or on the side, grateful for the good amount of manure they received, and start to grow, and grow..

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“A huge tree begins as a tiny sprout.” (Lao Tzu)

So, what project are you currently working on?

What was that recipe again?

How are the herbs in your garden doing?

And did you take any pictures?

For all those, far away and nearby who’d like to keep updated of a herbalist’s adventures, herbal recipes, herbal lore and tree stories , there’s this blog now…

Please do keep in mind that I am not a native English speaker/writer, but I decided to make a mirror blog for my Flemish blog, as this nomadic herbalist has been meeting lots of interesting people abroad…

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